Noori Fail In Bet To Eat McDonald’s Of Worth $1,000

If you were asked to eat fast food of about $1,000, would you be able to do so?

We know the obvious answer, ‘No’. The same was the case with Mike Noori as well, when he bet with a friend to eat fast food of approximately $1,000, almost everybody thought it was impossible, but it was Noori who was determined to do so. Let’s see what happened then.

Mike Noori the poker pro on the weekend started an attempt to eat McDonald’s of worth $1,000 worth (that does not include drinks). The time to eat all stuff was 36 hours. This idea came to prop from the nominee of Poker Hall of Fame Matt Savage.

Nearly 10 hours of the bet would have passed, and Noori had only consumed fast food of $90. This was the update that came on twitter. Finally the bet concluded at the mark of $100, according to the information received from the tweet. Some of the commentators present at the spot, called the effort of Noori as “pathetic,” but if talk about Noori, and then he was apparently struggling on just the 10 percent of the way through the bet.Continue Reading

Marvin Rettenmaier player of great tribute

Marvin Rettenmaier was born in Germany. Marvin Rettenmaier is a professional poker player. His total of winning a cash prizes is more than $4,779,113. He is ranked as 122nd place in All Time Money List. He started playing poker in 2008. He finished in 3rd place on Partouche Poker Tour in 2010 and earned a cash prize of $40,286 in that event. He earned 2nd place in Marrakech Poker open of 2010 and got a cash prize of $73,880 in that event. He won IPT Nov Gorica event in 2010 and he earned a cash prize of $49,717 in that event.

Marvin Rettenmaier finished in 11th place of WPT Hold’em event and won a cash prize of $22,869. He won the Spanish poker tour in 2010 and got a cash prize of $150,696 in that event. He cashed total 12 times in different poker tournaments of 2010. He earned 3rd place in online poker tournament of 2011 and won a cash prize of $40,880 in that event. He finished in 2nd place of EPT No Limit Hold’em event in 2011 and earned a cash prize of $48,998 in that event. He finished in 3rd place on Partouche Poker Tour in 2011 and won a cash prize of $66,869 in that event. He earned 266th place in the WSOP Main event in 2011 and won a cash prize of $40,654 in that event. He cashed 25 times in different poker tournaments of 2011 and 2011 was the most successful year of his poker career. He won France poker Series in 2011 and earned a cash prize of $332,470 in that event. He cashed total 21 times in different poker tournaments of 2012. He won WPT World championship event in 2012 and earned a cash prize of $1,196,858 in that event which is highest a cash prize won by him in poker tournaments. He won WPT merit Cyprus Classic event in 2012 and got a cash prize of $287,784 in that event.

Michael Binger, a part time poker player

Michael Binger is a part time poker player. He is born in California. Michael Binger has several great and good profile cashes. He has completed theoretical studies from Stanford University. The tricks and intelligence used by a player has appreciated and makes him one of the great players in poker. His struggle helped him to earn a lot of bugs as he had many poker tournaments to his name by winning them with a great difference. His struggle helped him to earn a lot of bugs as he had many poker tournaments on his name by winning them with a great difference. He is renowned due to his stature, great game, and last but not the least his discipline.

One thing that makes Michael Binger different is that he is the researcher, teacher, and as well great professional poker player. He never won any bracelet and managed to gain his name in the world of championship in a poker game. He plays a large number of tournaments in California. He has finished 2006 championship at the third place; he was not that successful player as compared to other poker players in the California. He has quite interest playing online poker games and card players.

He has won six title ships on his name. He was the winner for world’s series tournament world championships. In the year 2007, he finished with the maximum cashes that none of the players before finished. He is a player who has won 2013 World Series championship. He has a great tribute of game for regional games in California. He is the player who has 2 circuit rings on his name and one circuit cashes to his name. He is the player who has played around 200 tournaments in the California. He has great contribution to the game of poker in his own country. He has ranking quite in the international championship of poker game.

Tom Dwan Poker Performance is Scintillating Online

Tom Dwan with the online name “durrr” is known to be among the top-notch poker players. He hails from New Jersey and has emerged as one of the most formidable cash game pros within the shortest time. At 21, his winnings amounted to a substantial amount of above $2,000,000 and he normally bets at high stakes realms like $300 NLH. Going through his entries, he it is not apprehensive as he plays consistently and triumphs often. At such youthful age and commendable performance at the world poker tables, he is a prosperous. In a nutshell, his resume intimates a trail blazer in poker for the young in online poker.

He started playing $40/$80 limit and plunged into the game to garner $35k in 2010. Unfortunately, he dissipated $20k and shifted to NL games. Bluff Magazine had earlier spotlighted his exotic winnings; his moves were reported as masterly brilliant as the main editor witnessed him open up 6 tables with the lowest limit at $100/$200 NLHE. Within an hour Chris Vaughn reported he had amassed $200,000. As of 2014, he jumped on the live vents circuit and was 4th in the World Poker Tour in Foxwoods NLHE Main Event. He was also second in the WPT NLHE Borgata Summer’s Open. In this vein, he is cut for triumph at high takes games online although he has not ventured in the live tournaments.

In the 2007 World Series of Poker, he unsuccessfully got a $50,000 prop-bet in which he played a spectrum of high stakes against a global chess master, a game he ended up losing. It is his wit and intrinsic skills that have propelled him to the top-notch poker level where he is poised to cling for long. At a fledgling age but yet fully determined and brilliantly endowed with acumen for poker, he will garner more winnings in online poker casinos.

Jeffrey Lisandro- A Brief History

Playing games are every individual’s hobby too. Yet a very few turned playing the game much aggressively, irrespective of the nature of the playing as well as the game. Playing Poker is very much familiar like olden days, where it holds some set of professional players who earn fame to Poker. One such professional Poker player is Jeff Lisandro, who was born in Perth. Being an Australian Player, Jeff was a very professional player in Poker who holds 5 bracelets in the series of playing Poker. Poker game is something much different where only professionals can take a lead. Jeff is much known to every individual as a cash game specialist.

Having won 5 bracelets:
Jeff was generally taught to be playing Poker by his mother at the age of 5. Jeff’s first appearance of playing Poker is 1997, where he won the game. By entering in the final table by the year 1997, the game was not won by Jeff, where Phil Hellmuth has won it so. Also, then Jeff made it up to 11 World Series of Poker final table. He played the game very much professionally, and in Omaha, seven card stud and 2 to 7 lowball events where he has successfully played and has won 5 bracelets. 2 in seven card stud, one in seven cards stud hi/low, 1 in Razz and 1 in Pot-limit Omaha. His first won was World Series of Poker Bracelet in 2007.

Jeff played Poker from his early days; hence he can shine much better in this series of playing Poker. In 2004, Jeff played $25,000 limit hold’em heads up tournament where he defeated Howard Lederer. By the year 2005, he again played by defeating Phil Ivey in the heads up tournament whereby winning $10,000 no limit hold’em World Series of Poker Circuit. This is most considerable event for Jeff, as he defeated Ivey whom he considered to be one of the best players in the world.

Bjorin Makes It to the Final

Chris Bjorin has been enlisted as one of the ten finalists for possible induction into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2013. After a public nomination process, as well as examined by the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council, the list of the ten finalists has been made and Chris Bjorin is one of them.

He made the cut after impressing on the Texas Hold’em circuit, even though he started off last year as an amateur! Any one who fancies their chances of following in his footsteps can click here for more texas holdem tips from wsop!Continue Reading