25 thoughts on “Aussie Millions Cash Game 2007 EP02 (2/4)”

  1. Try to comment when YOU ARE A PRO,from the FELT. These guys “Guesstimate”
    like ANY COMMENTATORS would. Pay attention, and WATCH THE POSSIBLE
    Probilities,of each hand, THEN I’ll give you KUDOS on your observation(?)

  2. with those west virginia amusement park 1990’s style airbrush shirts, billy
    the croc = quads X douche

  3. Kagawa had TOO MANY TELLS… Pro Players adapted quite QUICKLY. No matter
    how much $ one has, (Kagawa, and others),lost due to LACK of VARIATION of

  4. im trying to build my bankroll, you can start with a no deposit bonus to
    reduce your risk. you can get 5 pounds to start playing claim it here
    POK22.COM Because there was only one thing worse than dying. And that was
    knowing you were going to die. And where. And how. (“Death Ship”)

  5. There were NOT various straight draws at 4:20-ish. There was only one.
    Commentator is retarded.

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