Joao Vieira experience shows poker is a challenge but pays in the long-term

Every week the Global Poker Index releases a 300-poker players list that ranks the best based on various factors and a surreptitious patented formula. This gives a chance for underdogs who are continuously improving their results to get the limelight. The US sharks still dominate the list substantially; however, other nationals are faring well. On the February 26th compilation, the GPI released its list as usual, among the players in the circular is Joao Vieira, he is Portuguese and has been around the poker industry for quite some time. Though his resume is a succinct piece when compared with top-ranked players, it is worth poring over. He garnered 2440.50 GPI points to place 79th, his penultimate position was 124th, and this shows an improvement. Delving into his significant tournaments where he has appeared, he lacks EPT, WPT or WSOP accolades but seems to be on the right track.

As aforementioned, Vieira’s covered events date a few years ago, he was spotted first in the PokerStars European Poker Tour Main Event in Barcelona in 2012 where he finished 41st to walk away with €16,800 and later in the €10,000 High Roller in the same tournament placing 8th to net €32,630. Continue reading Joao Vieira experience shows poker is a challenge but pays in the long-term

Abraham Mosseri is among the eclipsed but yet tough poker players in the US

Poker is growing at an alarming rate both online and live events, the industry is estimated to be worth billions of dollars at the global level. Perhaps this prompted the US government to make the law stricter for poker games with the events of the Black Friday that saw widespread crackdown of major casinos. Despite this, American professional poker players continue trailblazing in excellence in the casinos.

Undoubtedly, you cannot peruse the poker heroes’ books without coming across a name of an American-based player who has won venerable titles and grand prize money. One of the US poker contestants who have left an illustrious resume with significant winnings is Abraham Mosseri.

Mosseri has clinched the World Series of Poker bracelet in the $2,500 Triple Draw Lowball tournament alongside $165,521 in 2007. Along the same lines, he has final tabled twice at the WSOP, remarkable is the $10,000 World Championship Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split-Eight or Better tournament where he placed 7th. In the following year, he emerged 8th in the WSOP $10,000 Omaha High-Low Split-8 or Better Championships. Continue reading Abraham Mosseri is among the eclipsed but yet tough poker players in the US

Felix Stephenson is at his poker nascent stages but tough

Among the global high-profile poker competitions is the WSOP Main Event.

The 2014 45th yearly World Series of Poker that was hosted in Las Vegas introduced new figures in the top-notch player’s lists. The prize which is a fortuitous $10M windfall could not stop Felix Stephenson, a young player from besting a field of 6,683 players from making it to the November Nine.

Though a new figure in the WSOP as he has no previous records, he ousted others alongside Martin Jacobson to make it to the final for a titanic heads-up battle.

Felix is not in oblivion in his home country as he has widely played local events. He left a tinge in the Norwegian Championships that was held in Nottingham, United Kingdom where he placed 12th midst players that gave him $34,000. Continue reading Felix Stephenson is at his poker nascent stages but tough

Hugo Pingray a poker player with great strategy and dedication

Hugo a poker player is recognized by his game in the world poker game. A young and talented poker player with good artistic game.

He is a player who has played in many titles hip and games of poker at all levels of poker games. He is a renowned poker player who is young and has good talent in the game of poker $1,380,115 in his account. He is a player total cashes of 4 casino on his account which can be a way you can consider a bet poker player in the game of poker.

We can see that he plays with his own style and dedication in the game of poker. He is a payer who has shown great magic in the world poker tournaments at all the levels n the game of poker. He is a player who has 1 bracelet in the game of poker tournament. He is a player who has 1 final table on his poker game. We can see that he has 1 finishing table on his account in the game of poker tournament. He is a player who has large cashes in very less age. He is a player who has amount of $1,380,115casino cashes in the world championship poker tournament. He is a player who has many titles and played for European poker tournaments.

He is a player who has 2 cashes on his amount in the game of poker. He is a player who has won $49,996 casino. A player who has played against top poker player. He is a player who has large poker games. He is a player who has 130 final tables on his account. Hugo has 4 carrier cashes o his account and 1 carrier titles in the poker tournament. He has played many tournaments in the word poker game.

Noah Boeken has a Winning Predisposition

Poker is a lucrative avenue that leaves its door open for the players who know how to take chances and tilt the scales in their favor. Noah Boeken is among the remarkable Dutch player who ventured into the poker industry a long time ago and has had a steady pace in making progress.

His playing tactics have attracted a huge fan base alongside substantial earnings to bolster his betting jackpot. Though he has not notched opponents in all games, his approach is commendable. He has managed two in the money finish by placing fourth at the Master Classics of Poker back in 2003 and the Festa al Lago II taking home a whopping sum.

In 2004, Boeken final tabled at the European Poker Tour, however he did not win. The next year saw him final table at the European Poker Tour Scandinavian Open, Copenhagen ousting Ram Vaswani in a titanic heads-up confrontation. In the WSOP 2005, he finished in the money two times, alongside a final table in a $2,500 Limit Hold’Em tournament. Boeken vanquished the British Poker Open field where he surpassed giants like Gus Hansen to take home 50,000 GBP. His impeccable performance created a path for him to venture in the online casino industry where he is said to have furtive earnings at Full Tilt Poker and His outstanding performance is a trailblazing epitome for other Dutch players who are willing to cast their net wider into the global poker platforms.

In 2011, Boeken’s total live events earnings had skyrocketed to $1,200,000 with a large share going to his finishes in the WSOP events. As a Dutch, his accomplishments are strongly embedded in the international list of the best players. He is also an exemplary paradigm of emerging amateurs who intriguingly take down a final table. His trendsetting scores at the poker table cannot be jettisoned from the Europe’s poker heroes.