Bjorin Makes It to the Final

Chris Bjorin has been enlisted as one of the ten finalists for possible induction into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2013. After a public nomination process, as well as examined by the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council, the list of the ten finalists has been made and Chris Bjorin is one of them.

He made the cut after impressing on the Texas Hold’em circuit, even though he started off last year as an amateur! Any one who fancies their chances of following in his footsteps can click here for more texas holdem tips from wsop!

After the announcement, he was caught for his reaction. “I am more than happy for being selected as one of the finalists. I have worked hard on the strategy put my effort to make it to the final. I am happy that my dream has come true,” he said in excitement. When asked about what would be his next strategy, he refused to make it clear. “This time I have a set plan and I wanted to bank on it. I am happy it ultimately materialized,” he added. As a matter of fact, there is now hard and fast strategy for poker game and it entirely depends on the day and how the opponents respond to the game. When asked to give his opinion about the recent rules and patterns of the game, he answered that the game has changed a great deal over the years so has changed the rules. And he supports these changes. According to him, there is everything in a state of flux so is poker.  However, one thing that still makes the game ever popular is the risk factor associated with it.

According to him, one has to have the patience and discipline while playing the game. One needs to be extra careful. You can’t deny the risk factor and taking risk is the beauty of the game. He feels that the novice should dream big and make sure to leave no stone unturned to achieve the success. Success lies in the hard effort made by the individuals.