Daniel Alaei Cashes On Five Events

It is important to keep grounded while being a star, or else failures can devastate one. Daniel Alaei has had a rewarding astonishing career because he knew the importance of keeping a low profile. He was born in 1983 at Santa Fe Spring, in the California area. Before the year 2004, Daniel Alaei was mainly known as a player of mainly cash games. He used to play live card games and sometimes online too. The name of his online profile is “Streamraise”. However, then he raised his stakes after receiving the $ 35000 cash reward after attaining the 59th position in the Poker World Series event, and thus became more serious about the tournaments and began to give more time exclusively for them.

In the year 2005, Daniel Alaei had once again participated in the Poker World Series event. This time he managed to reach even further, and thus ended up earning U.S. $ 55000 for the 140th place. In the 2007 version of the Poker World Series, he ended up cashing upon on 5 back to back events. In one of them, he had even attained the first position, in the No limit 2-7 Draw lowball. He had earned a whopping sum of $ 430 for the first position. A year later, in 2008 he cashed on to five more events of the World Poker Series and thus benefited himself without useful cash boosting of $ 333.

Daniel Alaei has had 18 World Poker Series cash wins, and also has six of the money finishes of the World Poker Series. He has had his winning streak continue in other tournaments too. He had finished at a rank of 20 in the famous Bellagio cup earning $ 51000 and 15th, an even better performance in the Classic Fiesta earning over $ 53000.