Dario Minieri-Professional Poker holding the single bracelet

When you think of playing the games, there are numbers of games played across the world, whereby the game which is still played across the world from its inception includes the Poker game, as the game is really an interest offering game which not only gives you the fame alone but the cash prizes on the winning of the game. There are number of players who play the game interestingly, also they do handle the tricks in a different manner which showcases them to stand as unique and also different too. Among such professional players, Dario Minieri is an Italian Poker professional who has yielded a bracelet in WSOP by participating in the main event held in 2008.

Three times final table player:

Dario Minieri was born in 1985. Dario Minieri is also a member of team Poker Stars. Dario Minieri is a regular online player who turned out to be the very first one to gather frequent player points to purchase automobile. He is the top most online player. He was given the nickname as Supernova. Dario Minieri does play Poker Stars on his screen name as his own name whereby he is very familiar for turning to be a high stakes heads-up player who also turned to earn the status as Supernova Elite whereby he came up as the very first person to buy an automobile, i.e. car with the points 3 million. It was by the year 2008; he turned up participating $2500 No Limit Hold’em Six Handed event thereby winning the bracelet in World Series of Poker outlasting 1012 players. He has successfully made three times final table of WPT, which in 2006, he finished in 3rd place. He appeared twice in the same year 2008, whereby his second appearance in 2008, made him finish in the third place.