Dimitar Danchev

Though one of the legendary poker players of his times; Dimitar Danchev has always been a dark horse in the game. He has been playing in the circuit for some time now, but his popularity came when he won the PokerStars Caribbean Main Event and cashed in a prize money of which amounted to $1.8 million. Originally from Bulgaria, Dimitar Danchev has had interest in the game right from he was in his late teens. When he started learning poker, he started playing the game for cash prizes and moved on to the professional arena, where he tried his hand at the professional games.

Though he loved online games and had encashed most of his wins from here, he was open to live games and tournaments also. His first base was in Italy, where he participated in the Italian Poker Trip and won cash prizes at the main event of the game. Though this was not the game where he came to the notice, Dimitar Danchev reached the 13th spot at a later game of the year and then finished eighth in another game. This was the time when he was taken notice of in the international circuits. In the year 2011, he moved on to participate in the WSOP game and won a cash prize of more than $10K in one of the games.

From one game to another, he started playing and winning games and proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in the future. This gave him the chance to participate in the European Poker Tournament, where he suddenly proved his mental by finishing at the second spot and won cash prizes in this and other consecutive tournaments. From one game to another, Dimitar Danchev was soon to prove that he had his place amongst the top players of the world.