Koral Emerges as Poker Champion

Tom Koral has amazed his fans once again- the Oregon 2013 DSPT concluded with the Illinois player as its celebrated champion of the year. The esteemed 150,000 USD guaranteed Main Poker Event ran from October 27-November 4.

The DeepStacks Poker Tour Oregon 2013 was hosted at Chinook Winds Resort Casino, Lincoln City, Oregon. It was a 1,100 USD buy-in poker tour that attracted a huge host of 157 players.

The participant list for the 2013 Oregon DSPT looked truly elite given the series or pro participants in the tournament including Michael Mizrachi (The Grinder), Tristan Wade (Crea8ive), Randal Flowers (Randallin), Jennifer Leigh (Jennicide) etc. However, it was Koral who went on to claim the coveted first prize worth 39,720 USD, beating all the other pros, and becoming one of the first to win a USA legal poker tournament.

Koral was followed by Del Hardison who won around 27,807 USD and Micah Bell who claimed the 3rd position with 17,890 USD prize money. Max Young came 4th winning 13,248 USD while Randal Flowers and Toma Barber were 5th & 6th with a fortune of 9,932 USD & 7,924 USD respectively. Chris Elliot came 7th with a prize money of 6,601 USD, Brian Bowman was on the 8th position with a prize worth 5,290 USD. Ernie Doland came 9th in the tournament winning 3,963 USD.

The last table at the tournament was culminated with blinds at four thousand/ eight thousand/one thousand in the Level 19. The final poker hand took place at the 24th Level with blinds at 15 thousand/30 thousand/4 thousand. It was at this time Tom raised to 60 thousand preflop & Del called. Both the players checked  flop & then Del called for a 70,000 bet from Tom on  turn. The  completed on river round with Koral betting at around 200,000 USD. Tom snap-called as Hardison moved in for around 804,000 more. Albeit Del had   for the Queens & Sevens yet it couldn’t do any good to his since Tom had already rivered the trips with A7.