LAPC 2013 begins with 68 massive events

LAPC, the biggest poker tournament series begins with 68 massive events at Los Angles. The venue is also interesting as it would be executed at commercial casino. It is supposed that event will continue from 13 Jan to 3 March. This is one of most popular series in the poker history. The series will include almost every possible variant to which No Limit Hold’em players are familiar. Now you can enjoy almost every poker event that you like the most.

There is also one signature that would continue for five day. This season, the signature event will be executed from 23 Feb to 28 Feb. you can also enjoy some very unique events at LAPC series. Complete detail about LAPC series and its events are available over web at the official website of LAPC tournament. Last season, Sean Jazayeri was the winner of LAPC series. This season we are looking for a deep run from some popular faces. Last year total cash prize was $1.3 million won by Sean Jazayeri.

Despite last season, this year some popular faces are participating in the LAPC main event. According to displayed information over website, No Limit Holdem Tournament will be the first event at LAPC series. You can also check the other highlighting events at the website. The 68 events will be executed in total of 47 days. Players are also looking forward to enjoy this wonderful series this season. There is certain cash prize and championship ring for the event winner.

If you are not interested in participating LAPC series then you can enjoy this series online. Enjoy the live performance of popular faces at official website. You can also check the details for unique events like Chinese poker, Stud etc. Organizers have decided to make the series more attractive by incentives and cash prizes.