Lauren Kling – the upcoming successful poker player

Lauren Kling is known as locoenlacabeza on online on the Full Tilt Poker, locoenlacabeza on the PokerStars and besides that supermodi on Absolute Poker. Lauren’s biggest online achievement was when she got the 2nd place in UBOC 4 Championship in the month of January in the year 2010 for the money $ 163k and she also achieved the 3rd place in the event $ 1k Monday in Full Tilt Poker for the money $ 44k. Lauren also made appearance in $ 80k Guarantee for the money $ 25k; the event of PokerStar.

The online success of Lauren has not started translating to live arena so far, but when it would be inexorably done, Lauren can surely be considered as a hot sponsorship commodity. Lauren got cash in two events in the famous World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the year 2009 and got placed at 23rd in the $ 1k Ladies No Limit Hold’em World Championship and another time 154th place in $ 1500 No Limit Hold’em tourney. Lauren achieved the biggest live cash in her young career when she ended up at the 63rd place for the money $ 23k in the year 2010 in the event of L.A. Poker Classic $ 10k No Limit Hold’em Championship.

As personally she loves to be considered as witty, spontaneous, outgoing, confident and optimistic; it also reflects in her game as the way she wins her matches being confident and optimistic. Lauren is beautiful and smart and she is good when she knows what she is doing in her poker games. If Lauren Kling is playing her cards right, then sky is the limit for her. So far what Lauren has achieved, her gaming skill, dedication and aggressiveness in the game showed that she could really be an outstanding poker player in future.