Marvin Rettenmaier

Marvin Rettenmaier is a very fast and a very sharp poker player.

He has won many achievements in the game and he is also very much passionate towards the game. Whenever he is playing any of the games he plays it with full concentration and passion towards the game. He is a very enthusiastic player. He is also very active while he is playing the game. He always comes with the winning spirit in the game. Whether he wins or loses him also encourages the player and he is very calm while playing. He has a great passion towards the game and he also wants to be one of the best players in the poker history. He has a very antic and a very unique nickname because of his playing skills he is popularly known as “Madmarvin“.

Each and every game played by him is with great madness the love towards the game is like what cannot be described. Madmarvin whenever comes on the floor shows his madness towards the game. This player is basically from London. London is his hometown he is always representing his hometown and also has the love for his place. In the world series of poker held at the Turnierseignhe unfortunately could not win any bracelets. He tried his best the fortune could not actually support him at that moment of time. But this condition or situation did not let Marvin down he learned from his mistakes. In the same tournament he had won 19 careers cashes which was a good number. This was the only thing by which Marvin was satisfied in this tournament.

In the world poker tournament he has shown his performance he had won two titles he had also won 4 final table in the same tournament and had an average of 8 money finish this was a good performance after the world series of poker.