Noori Fail In Bet To Eat McDonald’s Of Worth $1,000

If you were asked to eat fast food of about $1,000, would you be able to do so?

We know the obvious answer, ‘No’. The same was the case with Mike Noori as well, when he bet with a friend to eat fast food of approximately $1,000, almost everybody thought it was impossible, but it was Noori who was determined to do so. Let’s see what happened then.

Mike Noori the poker pro on the weekend started an attempt to eat McDonald’s of worth $1,000 worth (that does not include drinks). The time to eat all stuff was 36 hours. This idea came to prop from the nominee of Poker Hall of Fame Matt Savage.

Nearly 10 hours of the bet would have passed, and Noori had only consumed fast food of $90. This was the update that came on twitter. Finally the bet concluded at the mark of $100, according to the information received from the tweet. Some of the commentators present at the spot, called the effort of Noori as “pathetic,” but if talk about Noori, and then he was apparently struggling on just the 10 percent of the way through the bet.

The action of over $200,000 was booked for the bet. Noori said his stake in the bet was just a “small piece of it.” However, according to reports, the Bettors on Noori were getting 5-1. The plan of Noori had been to start with apple slices in worth $500, but that didn’t happen. He ordered slices of worth $50 and mashed them to convert it into the applesauce.

Noori is a renowned poker player and he has the earning of nearly $400,000 in lifetime tournaments. In the summer of 2016, his largest career score came in, which was the $1,500 WSOP event. In the event he finished fourth and won the prize amount of $74,000.