Selbst at Bloomberg bombardment

It was amazing to see Selbst representing poker world at Bloomberg bombardment last week. Selbst was invited to highlight the comments for Wall’s street biggest players for the recent production. His appearance was truly amazing at the show and we could not find better role model than Selbst this season. Initially, Selbst was nervous about her appearance. She is not only hosting a show but representing entire poker community at the national television. There will be plenty of questions asked by different people and Selbst has to prepare herself for all of them. She is working hard for a wonderful appearance at the national television.

There is lots of Mathematics tricks when you are playing poker. If you are good at numbers then you can easily establish yourself in the poker world. At the same time, you should be lucky to score a bigger chip count at the poker game. Poker is game of skills and luck. When both these factors are combined together in perfect ratio, it assures excellent results for the player. She will also discuss about different personalities at Wall Street game especially Bill Perkins and David Einhorn will be highlighted. You must be familiar with these names in advance, right?

Bill is playing highest stakes game worldwide. When it comes to Trish Regan, he is a wonderful guy with attractive personality. I am sure Selbst will answer all of your questions perfectly; you just have to be calm and patient. Selbst was still talking then someone ask about the importance of patience in the play. Then Selbst continues saying that there are so many poker strategies that can be used by any player. According to Selbst, she is not a poker player but she truly appreciates the people playing this wonderful game. However, Selbst is an inspiration for female players undoubtedly.