Deeb, Devilfish Leading ISPT Wembley Final Twenty

Deeb and Devilfish are most wonderful poker players leading ISPT Wembley final twenty. Both players are claiming for $1 million amount after fourth day of the event. There are massive chances of winning both players at ISPT final tournament. Both players are doing amazing and they are trying their best to win the final tournament. They are competing against most popular faces in the final tournament. The game was started with total 761 players and after fourth day only 20 players were left. The chip leader is Alban Juen, A French player with total 5.2 million chips. This was the 3rd day when Alban Juen finished with the maximum number of chip count.

Sam Trickett and Ole Schemion busted at the fourth day of the ISPT final tournament. Their performance was truly incredible during the final event. Luckily, Ole Schemion was the chip leader at the tournament. His winning amount is more than $1.5 million. We are not sure who will make the final run but it is clear that all players would win certain cash amount. It is not easy for any poker player to make the final table. He has to be fully focused and dedicated to come at the top.

Certainly, Ole Schemion and Sam Trickett were not the only players to come at the top. The list is long who busted at the fourth day of the event. You can browse complete list of players online with their total chip counts. The ISPT 2013 event is currently running in Las Vegas which is very much similar to Millionaire Maker event. The audience is eagerly waiting for the results which player will make the final run. We are looking for a deep run from the average players Deeb and Devilfish at ISPT Wembley final event.