Joao Vieira experience shows poker is a challenge but pays in the long-term

Every week the Global Poker Index releases a 300-poker players list that ranks the best based on various factors and a surreptitious patented formula. This gives a chance for underdogs who are continuously improving their results to get the limelight. The US sharks still dominate the list substantially; however, other nationals are faring well. On the February 26th compilation, the GPI released its list as usual, among the players in the circular is Joao Vieira, he is Portuguese and has been around the poker industry for quite some time. Though his resume is a succinct piece when compared with top-ranked players, it is worth poring over. He garnered 2440.50 GPI points to place 79th, his penultimate position was 124th, and this shows an improvement. Delving into his significant tournaments where he has appeared, he lacks EPT, WPT or WSOP accolades but seems to be on the right track.

As aforementioned, Vieira’s covered events date a few years ago, he was spotted first in the PokerStars European Poker Tour Main Event in Barcelona in 2012 where he finished 41st to walk away with €16,800 and later in the €10,000 High Roller in the same tournament placing 8th to net €32,630. Continue reading Joao Vieira experience shows poker is a challenge but pays in the long-term

Poker Profile – John Juanda

John Juanda is the popular poker player, who is well known for winning 5 bracelets in World Poker series. He won about $13,077,468 in overall by participating in various poker tournaments and he started to play poker games from 1996. His all time favorite poker game is “Pot Limit & No Limit Hold’em” and his fellow poker players shows great respect towards John.   In world poker tours, john finished final tables for 6 times and 19 times he gained money. He went up to final table in European tour once and earned up sum of money twice. He showed some constant growth in his poker career from 1996 to 2001. He did show major winnings in 1998 and he slowly started to learn poker strategies over these years. John participated in some tournaments and recorded some fruitful winnings and his earning was around $250,000.

The year 2001 was great for John and he reached greater height in his poker career. Little dip was there in 2002, but still he managed to improve his winning list. Though there was major dips and raises, John regularly contributed over these years. 2008 was the most successful year and he reached the mark of $2,500,000, which was a great achievement in his poker life.

He continued his success in the next years also and his passion of playing poker games still continues. He finished 2nd in the World Series 2012 of Europe and he won about $860,709. He stood first in 42nd world poker series held in 2011 and in the same year he was ranked in different positions in various tournaments. In 2012, he won prizes in seven different tournaments and he constantly striving hard to achieve the WPT title. He stands 8th in all time WSOP cashes. He is a contributing member of Full Tilt Poker and his highest ITM was in 2005.