Overview Of Poker League Of Nations For Women

The greatest challenges to face the poker industry are mainly due to inadequate representation of women and mostly in open events. Open events mean basically men and women both taking part at the same time. The poker industry knows that the women only represent around 5 percent of open poker tournaments and goes lesser as the buy-ins increase. It is important to fix the imbalance and get maximum women to play at all levels of poker tournaments. In less than a year, PLON, Poker League of Nations as setting up itself as a renowned company that leads the push to maximize the counts directly. As per Lena Evans, the co-founder of PLON, it is important to engage women in open poker events as that’s the only way to growth and success. The company is now aiming to increase over 4.8 percent and 3.8 percent in World Series of Poker Main Event.

Evans also said that they are the only company who has taken this initiative and doing its best to see the positive outcomes. In addition to organizing events for ladies, they are also targeting at placing women in open events.  PLON being the brainchild of Maureen Bloechlinger and Lena Evans, the two women who met while playing poker have formed this organization to encourage more and more women participating in poker events. The duo with the help of an ambassador concept appointed a member to operate private satellite across the world to get more women into higher buy-in fields.
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