The Ice Man

Most of the people are familiar with popular name Jeffrey Lisandro who has performed very well in the poker history. He has won gold bracelet in WSOP main events. He has also rectified his talent by winning all three stud events. Initially he was investing all his money in real estate. Today he is spending most of his time in playing poker. He is rich and established man with three houses at Las Vegas, Australia, and Italy.

Jeffrey Lisandro was a high limit cash game player. Then he started focusing on poker tournaments where he is playing against most skilled players of the world. He has earned lots of cashes in WSOP main events other poker events. It was 2004 when he beat Howard in $25,000 heads up poker. He was a champion of WSOP event in 2005. It was his abilities and skills that he earned the title as “Ice Man.” He was also very calm like ice.

Because of his cool attitude, he was able to manage his aggression during tournament. In 2007, he made two final tables where he won lots of cashes. He finished 2nd at WSOP championship 2009. For Jeffrey Lisandro, the next goal was to achieve a bracelet in WSOP main event. According to his statement, money worth nothing, his ultimate goal is to get bracelet at the World Series of Poker. With four or more cashes at WSOP main events, he is probably the best winner in the world.

Do you have any idea how aggression spoils you? It makes your move blind and very much predictable by the opponents. With predictable moves, it is quite impossible to win the games. Jeffrey Lisandro is an inspiration for all aggressive players how to play cool and calm. You can also take tips from his videos and gaming style.