Tom Dwan Poker Performance is Scintillating Online

Tom Dwan with the online name “durrr” is known to be among the top-notch poker players. He hails from New Jersey and has emerged as one of the most formidable cash game pros within the shortest time. At 21, his winnings amounted to a substantial amount of above $2,000,000 and he normally bets at high stakes realms like $300 NLH. Going through his entries, he it is not apprehensive as he plays consistently and triumphs often. At such youthful age and commendable performance at the world poker tables, he is a prosperous. In a nutshell, his resume intimates a trail blazer in poker for the young in online poker.

He started playing $40/$80 limit and plunged into the game to garner $35k in 2010. Unfortunately, he dissipated $20k and shifted to NL games. Bluff Magazine had earlier spotlighted his exotic winnings; his moves were reported as masterly brilliant as the main editor witnessed him open up 6 tables with the lowest limit at $100/$200 NLHE. Within an hour Chris Vaughn reported he had amassed $200,000. As of 2014, he jumped on the live vents circuit and was 4th in the World Poker Tour in Foxwoods NLHE Main Event. He was also second in the WPT NLHE Borgata Summer’s Open. In this vein, he is cut for triumph at high takes games online although he has not ventured in the live tournaments.

In the 2007 World Series of Poker, he unsuccessfully got a $50,000 prop-bet in which he played a spectrum of high stakes against a global chess master, a game he ended up losing. It is his wit and intrinsic skills that have propelled him to the top-notch poker level where he is poised to cling for long. At a fledgling age but yet fully determined and brilliantly endowed with acumen for poker, he will garner more winnings in online poker casinos.