20 thoughts on “Why It Pays to Be Aggressive In Poker”

  1. You have “seen a lot of pros fold sets” My point. You have watched too much
    tv. In about 100% of games you ever play in no one will fold a set. You
    totally missed what i said.

  2. On tv it’s still real poker and the probabilities are no different. There
    are definitely situations in which folding a set would be a wise decision.
    I speak from experience since I have folded a set in a casino (jacks, I had
    pocket jacks and flopped the set). I folded after the turn and saved over
    $100 since another player hit a flush.

  3. Haha been over a year since I did anything poker. Look back now at this and
    I still agree from my playing days. And I still say the same thing. You
    obv. watch too much tv haha.

  4. it depends on how big the bet is on the turn and how much the other guy has

  5. awesome vid, i wonder how the hell i finally find non/worthless poker
    lesson vid must be my lucky day

  6. bad points about fold equity, sure you gain more equity cause they fold,
    but you lose mass amounts of expectation, if he folds middle set to you,
    when you have top set, chances are you’re making mistakes.

  7. @MrJonnyboy36 I play 3c6c ( haven’t really gotten into poker since I last
    watched this vid since I’ve been doing other stuff) oh also when I posted
    this comment I was the worlds nittiest player… My game has changed a lot
    since than however I will tell u wen I did fold my set of 333 the guy had

  8. yeah there are lots of other factors as well, i was just giving an example
    of when u can easily get away from a set

  9. it completely depends on the board texture. i would never fold a set when
    the board is k 5 2 rainbow and i have a set of deuces. but if the board is
    910j of hearts and i have 99, and the turn is another heart, ill dump that

  10. Wasn’t a dig mate just saying i’ve seen alot of pro’s fold sets,straights +
    even flushs’

  11. Your nuts. Sets are soo rare. you don’t have enough money to get out of the
    hand. By the time it even hits you that he might have you beat its too
    late. Like I told this other guy its been over a year for me and I still
    agree with my game.

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