14 thoughts on “World Series of Poker WSOP 2009 Ep.15 – 2 cardplayertube.com”

  1. if i ever saw the guy who didnt shake Phils hand in public. I would pee on his mother fuckin face.. jerk

  2. Great play by Nielsen there.

    Very sad story about kent sender. “if you lose, there’s always next year”.

  3. phil said it perfect “2000 people, and they all shook my hand, so that might say something about you”

  4. c’mon guys…think just a little bit

    nobody knows him and he’s on TV! he has to do something to caught attention….maybe next time he plays with a watermelon around his neck

    tottally jerk

  5. Indeed. I don’t always like the way Phil acts at the pokertable, but I do love his game. That guys reaction was totally uncalled for.

  6. Wow, unbelievable. I mean, it’s Phil Hellmuth, everyone loves to hate him. But for this guy to act like that, what a jerk!

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