25 thoughts on “WSOP 2006 Main Event Day 6 Part 3”

  1. The infamous Prahlad vs. Lisandro missing blinds fiasco at the 06 WSOP Main Event. Both of them acted inappropriately. Priceless!

  2. Prahlad was a bitch then and is still a bitch. Did you see the crap he pulled with the clock in the 2010 WSOP. Then, to top it off, he signs with UB after they ripped him off and he trashed them for years.

  3. @pokerworldcommunity1 thats my guy lol…who else would be more interesting then phil? lol

  4. Prahlad was being a doucher about it he really needed to stop bringing it up, but Lisandro didn’t need to threaten his life, jeez

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  6. IMO Molina is like the Kryptonite against J-Gold, the anti-Gold. His style play was the perfect counter for Gold, which could’ve sent Gold packing. And then a well deserving player like Cunningham, Richard Lee, or Wasicka would have went on to manhandle Molina for the title.

  7. Looking back to the 2006 Main Event, if only Eric Molina didn’t push all-in with nothing and get busted then Jamie Gold might not have won it. I’m not saying Molina deserves to be in the final table, but IMO his loose game and inappropiate attitude was exactly what was needed to KNOCK OUT that Rich Spoiled dickkhead “Jamie Gold” If Molina was in the final table, then Gold would have eventually gotten intolerate of Molina getting under his skin all day and gotten busted in a crazy all-in.

  8. I understand Jeffry, I would have probably reacted even harder….Prahlad was way out of line. Questioning someones integrity is a serious offence and many people will react physicly

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